Case Study: FitNFearless

Case Study: FitNFearless

by Tinder Corp Media, 22nd September 2018

When you have developed a world class skill, there’s nothing more satisfying than being able to share your knowledge and experience with others. That’s what ex England Women’s Football Captain Tara Proctor did, when she set up a business as a Fitness Instructor.

Tara, who played for England from 1995-2002, uses her knowledge of bio-mechanics and love of exercise to motivate men and women of all ages in her exercise classes as part of her business FitNFearless, based in and around Kent.

However, even if you’re one of the best when it comes to sport, there are still aspects of running a business that can be a bit out of your comfort zone…

“I started my business because I love exercise and love seeing how it can change people’s lives, but when the business took off (which was, thankfully, pretty quickly!) I realised I needed systems in place to help me manage my clients, my accounts and my marketing. I spoke to John and Paul at Tinder and they were absolutely amazing – they helped me choose the right hardware and software for my business and are never more than a few rings away when I need a hand with IT stuff. It’s good to know that Tinder are helping my business to run smoothly while I’m busy running around a field with my clients!”

Smaller, and/or customer facing businesses may not always realise the importance of technology in their company, but the right IT systems can take you from pipe dream to dream business, and Tara is proof of that. At Tinder we always the emphasise the importance of using technology rather than just ‘having’ it, so we love nothing more than helping people to make the most of their IT in order to grow their company.

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