Meet the team: Charlie Hayes

Meet the team: Charlie Hayes

by Tinder Corp Media, 17th January 2020

The IT industry has always been known for attracting the best and brightest of the younger generation and at Tinder we’re proud to uphold that tradition by welcoming our newest star Charlie Hayes.

In September 2018 Charlie embarked on an IT Technician Apprenticeship, supported by Tinder Corp. This 13 month course involved a mixture of mentorship from an industry expert and real world learning within Tinder Corp itself. Charlie undertook numerous assignments and exams, passing each with flying colours, whilst learning the ropes within the business.

Having successfully completed the Apprenticeship, Charlie is now working full time at Tinder Corp and looking forward to a very bright future:

“I’ve always been interested in IT, and took it at A-level, so when I was offered the opportunity to work with Tinder during my apprenticeship I jumped at it. The whole experience has been amazing – everyone in the company has been great and it’s a wonderful learning environment. As a Junior Software Technician I get to be on the front line answering customer calls and helping clients with their IT, which means I’m learning about lots of different aspects of the business and building invaluable experience. My goal is to keep learning within the company and within the industry as a whole – I love IT and see this very much as a career for the future”

So the Tinder posse has grown and, despite making the rest of us look old, Charlie is a fantastic addition to the team. Even working with CEO Paul (aka ‘dad’) hasn’t been too bad according to Charlie:

“You do hear horror stories about people working with their parents but dad has been amazing – he’s a really good boss and has so much to teach me so it’s been easy to separate home and work life”

It’s been such a pleasure having Charlie with us and we’re really glad he’s decided to stay. From both his view and ours the Apprenticeship has been a thoroughly worthwhile experience and we’d recommend taking on an Apprentice to any business.