Working in partnership: Gamma

Working in partnership: Gamma

by Tinder Corp Media, 19th February 2018

Here at Tinder we’re lucky enough to work with some really amazing companies and, from time to time, we like to talk about them. If you’re ok with that then read on to find out more about the brilliant relationship we’ve built up with leading communications company Gamma.


Gamma, in their own words, “supply a broad range of communications to small, medium and large-sized business customers”, which in itself is not that unusual. However, it’s Gamma’s people that make the company stand out from the herd. With over 800 staff in the UK and Budapest Gamma are a pretty sizable company, but they never lose sight of what’s important – the customer. It’s this dedication to customer service that makes them the perfect fit for Tinder: we put our customers first, so our partners have to do likewise.


Since establishing a relationship with Gamma, we’ve been predominantly working with them to grow their cloud computing offering in two key areas:


IaaS – Infrastructure As A Service


We pride ourselves on being able to provide entire servers based in the cloud, along with a fully managed service and global access to your critical systems. That means that our customers, and Gamma, have complete peace of mind. What’s more, we’re powered by Amazon AWS – 99.99999999999, which basically equates to guaranteed uptime; that is to say that your site will never be unavailable. To help you take care of every little detail, we can fully manage the migration process and charge you a fixed monthly amount (instead of asking you to purchase your servers every few years), thus effectively future proofing your online presence. Our focus on our customers allows Gamma to focus on theirs…simple!



BaaS – Back Up As A Service


Just like our Infrastructure Service, our Back Up Service is geared towards giving you peace of mind. With cloud-based backup of your business critical data, a fully managed service and access to your data via our intuitive web portal, we ensure that all your vital company information is safe and sound at all times.


The fact that we at Tinder are on hand to ‘police’ the back up and even manage restores for clients if they need it, means that Gamma can say with absolute confidence that they provide disaster recovery for their clients by keeping their data off-site. Extra security is afforded by the fact that this is all powered by the highly trusted and readily available Amazon AWS.


Working with Gamma is another way for us to broaden our professional reach and provide service to yet more customers in the UK and beyond. So here’s to you Gamma, and to many more years of impeccable customer service!


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