Working in partnership: Hyperoptic

Working in partnership: Hyperoptic

by Tinder Corp Media, 28th March 2018

Continuing our series covering some of the amazing companies with whom we have the privilege of working, we’d like to take a little time this month to tell you about fibre optic superstars Hyperoptic.

If the name sounds familiar it’s not surprising; Hyperoptic have been making headlines recently thanks to their amazing work in the field of FTTP (fibre to the premises). In mid-March 2018 it was announced that the company have signed a deal with Southwark Borough Council to bring hyperfast broadband to 47,000 private residences and 53,000 council homes, putting a massive 80% of premises in the Borough onto the Hyperoptic network.

The move comes after Southwark was listed one of the 20 ‘worst places to live’ in terms of broadband connection last year and it’s no big shock that they want to find a way off that list as soon as possible, but why have relative newcomer Hyperoptic been the ones to bag the contract?

The answer, in a word, is reliability.

With telecoms giant BT increasingly coming under fire for less than speedy service and an internet infrastructure that leaves a lot to be desired, councils and private clients alike are looking for a service they can trust, and Hyperoptic have proven that they offer exactly that. However, it’s the company’s FTTP service that’s really drawing a crowd: their Fibre To The Premises broadband does exactly what it says on the tin – rather than installing to a cabinet at the end of the street, this next generation broadband brings gigabit-enabled fibre optic straight into the building, undiluted and uninterrupted. In fact, the company has recently successfully trialled a 10Gbs connection in Stratford, proving themselves to be succinctly future-proof.

It’s for these reasons and more that Tinder Corp are so excited to be partnered with Hyperoptic, providing cabling services that supplement the great work they’re already doing and giving our clients and theirs the best possible internet access.


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