Are you ready for the ‘New Normal’?

Are you ready for the ‘New Normal’?

by Tinder Corp Media, 2nd July 2020

Although Britain is starting to relax again in the wake of the Corona Virus and businesses are beginning to get back to normal, many people are starting to question what ‘normal’ really means in the aftermath of a pandemic with repercussions that will likely be felt for months, if not years to come. With social distancing still very much in force and those deemed vulnerable to the virus being asked to stay isolated for several weeks to come, it stands to reason that business owners are looking more and more into ways to help their employees work remotely and keep their companies at full tilt whether the office is fully staffed or not.

It’s stands as true testament to the determination of British business owners that so many companies have been able to offer at least some of their services throughout the crisis, and this has been thanks in no small part to increased use of technology.

From before the announcement of lockdown, Tinder Corporation has been working with business owners and the self-employed to enable this kind of flexible working. We’ve been able to provide Cloud Based applications and storage so that colleagues can collaborate and share information securely, and effortlessly, wherever they’re situated. In addition to our Cloud Based solutions, we’ve been facilitating multi-device syncing; allowing people to work on their laptop at home, and then go straight to the office PC to find everything they need synced, ready and waiting.

Another arrow in the technology quiver this year has been VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony, which offers business grade communication that mirrors office features onto home and even mobile lines to, amongst other things, transfer calls to home users and conference call using ‘followMe’ telephony.

We offer Unified Communications that allow for seamless use of group collaboration software including voice, video chat, instant messaging, screen sharing and more and, as always, we provide top of the range internet connectivity giving customers business grade internet access from the safety and comfort of their own homes.

We’re proud to have been able to do our bit to keep England running during this unprecedented time, and we know that many businesses will want to extend this flexible approach indefinitely, as they’ve seen first-hand the benefits that it brings both in states of emergency and when things are back to ‘normal’!

If you’d like to speak to us about any aspect of remote working then please contact us to find out more. In the meantime, stay busy and stay safe.