Beaulieu – Tinder Corporation Ltd

Beaulieu – Tinder Corporation Ltd

by Tinder Corp Media, 16th October 2020

The Scoop

Countryside Builders had partnered with our good friends Hyperoptic, in order to supply their amazing new residential site with state of the art fibre optic connections. In 2018 we were asked to bid on several ‘zones’ within the site and were successful.


The Approach

Tinder Corp has been asked to work on seven of the site’s residential zones, to fit cabling throughout so that Hyperoptic can provide their services. We started in December 2018 and created a schedule to allow us into each zone as and when the builders reached a point that would enable us to work safely. With each zone having the capacity to take a minimum of 150 residents, this was no small job, especially working around several building crews. Our fitters worked in two teams of two, so as to cause the minimum disruption to the builders, and our own CEO John Amey was one of our go to guys, working all the way through lockdown to make sure that the residents who were gradually moving in had super-fast internet from day one.


The Happily Ever After

We were either on or ahead of schedule throughout and are still working hard on the project. Further zones have been added to our remit, for commencement in 2021 and we anticipate this being a long term project thanks to the hard work of our engineers, and our excellent working relationships with both Countryside and Hyperoptic.