Bentall Place: A joint effort

Bentall Place: A joint effort

by Tinder Corp Media, 6th November 2019

Bentall Place is a new, highly desirable development in Heybridge in Essex, which features a collection of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes, traditionally styled and built to the highest standards by Bellway Homes.

Bellway have been established for over 70 years and are the go to developers for home buyers who appreciate quality and attention to detail. It’s been our pleasure to work with Bellway on the Bentall Place development, where we’ve been laying the groundwork for state of the art, fibre optic internet access in conjunction with our fantastic partners Hyperoptic.

Hyperoptic are internet service providers who specialise in supplying the UK’s fastest speeds using FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) technology that’s unwaveringly dependable and delivers speeds over 10 times faster than Sky’s top average speed (and if you need a little context here: that means you could download an entire film in around 40 seconds).

It’s been our pleasure to partner with Hyperoptic for quite some time now and we’re always happy to recommend them, as we know that they’ll provide our customers with the very best service (which of course makes us look pretty darn good too!).

On the Bentall Place project our NIT (Network Infrastructure Team) worked alongside Hyperoptic’s engineers to get FTTP throughout the development within the allotted time frame and without undue disruption to the rest of the works.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Bellway Homes, Hyperoptic and Tinder Corporation, prospective buyers in Heybridge can look forward to trouble free technology in top notch accommodation: now that’s team work!