Calling all businesses!

Calling all businesses!

by Tinder Corp Media, 26th September 2022

Last year we posted an article about the fact that phone lines will soon be changing from analogue to digital, just like TVs did (remember that?)

We told you just how simple it would be to change from analogue to digital: all you need to do is contact an IT company like Tinder Corp (hey, what a coincidence – we’re an IT company like Tinder Corp!), and ask them to make the switch.

We also told you that there is a deadline  – 2025 – when BT and others will be shutting down their traditional phone networks entirely, and that businesses should really act on this sooner, rather than later.


If you immediately went out and switched to digital then good on you, you can stop reading now. Go on, go make yourself a cup of tea, you deserve it…


Ok, so this is for the rest you: what are you waiting for?

“Tinder Corp has already helped dozens of clients to switch to VOIP (voice over internet protocol) lines via a fibre network, and our engineers are experts at the ‘no fuss no muss’ approach to telephony, meaning that businesses needn’t worry about disrupting their communications. Call us, or your preferred telephony company to discuss your needs and you can stop worrying”

The above is a direct quote from our last article on the subject and it remains true (except the ‘dozens’ bit – we’ve helped a lot more people since then); but the problem is this:

Other companies have started putting up their prices.

They’ve realised that the need for VOIP services is becoming more urgent, so they’re charging accordingly, and those prices are going to keep going up.

Here at Tinder we’re determined not to put up our prices for this service but that probably means we’re going to become popular… very popular; and, given that our CEOs have kindly agreed to allow our much beleaguered engineers the occasional toilet break, the chances are we won’t be able to fit everyone in.

So we’ll say it again: ACT NOW

Switching to digital is easy, quick and doesn’t interfere with the running of your business.

Hopefully when we write this article again next year there will be no one reading past the introduction.