Case study: Acorn Environmental

Case study: Acorn Environmental

by Tinder Corp Media, 21st June 2019

2019 has seen Acorn Environmental go from strength to strength, including the continued development of it’s relationship with one of the UK’s largest Housing Associations (and we’re only half way through the year!)

So why are we telling you this? Well we’ve been proud associates of Acorn for several years, and in this particular instance, the tender they won was partly reliant on their ability to provide a reporting platform, accessible by the association and its residents, which was to include realtime, GPS-tagged photographs showing the work completed.

As we already provide Acorn with IT support, we were their natural first choice when building the platform and we were only too happy to take on the challenge.

We built the entire platform from the ground up, creating a bespoke, web based solution. The unique, custom created features of the platform ensure that every job has an associated ticket containing all key information, and that the assigned cleaning and gardening operatives can access the system in real-time from their smartphones, so that they know exactly what they need to do.

Operatives can ‘check in’ at jobs so that arrivals and job durations can be monitored, and they also have a simple and easily accessible means of recording any additional works/issues found on site.

Photos are taken before and after at every job, and these photos are GPS location and time/date stamped so that the HA can easily manage any queries from residents. The platform also logs inspection visits, and both the HA and residents have full access all the information about the job being carried out.

Tinder completed the ‘phase 1’ version of the new platform in just 12 weeks, and have since added additional features and rolled out the system to all of Acorn’s clients. Additionally, Acorn can now manage the bulk refuse, stock management, and asset management, as well as staff attendance and payroll, and even work cover, employee sickness and planned leave all from one place!

We’re exceptionally proud of the work our engineers have done in building this platform and are extremely grateful to Acorn Environmental for giving us the opportunity to create it. Our favourite clients are always the ones who know that they need to use technology as opposed to just having it, and Acorn are just the sort of forward thinking company we love.


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