Certifying The RBLI

Certifying The RBLI

by Tinder Corporation, 21st November 2013

The Tinder technical team were in Leatherhead today, working with the Royal British Legion Industries in their print & distribution centre.  The RBLI had been experiencing poor network and internet access performance with their ISP suspected as the root cause.

An all too common tale – the ISP insisted they were not at fault but, thanks to the technical brilliance of the Tinder team, we were able to help prove the root cause by means of certifying the RBLI network to the ISO 11801 standard.  As a result, their ISP stepped up and resolved an issue back at their exchange resulting in the expected level of network service being achieved once more.

An ISO11801 certification involves using network analysis test equipment to test and verify over 30 different tests on each and every cable within a network.  The result is an optimised and proven level of network infrastructure ensuring peak performance at all times.