Tinder Corp sponsors charity pub cricket match

Tinder Corp sponsors charity pub cricket match

by Tinder Corp Media, 27th August 2019

Just a small pub in Brompton…

That’s the tag line for the Cannon in Old Brompton, Gillingham, but in truth that’s a bit of an understatement!

Run for over 30 years by landlady Pauline (known fondly as ‘mother to the corps’), the Cannon is something of a local legend in Kent. A friendly, welcoming place that has established itself firmly as part of the community, the Cannon is a must see for visitors to the area. Put it this way: if Cheers is the place where everybody knows your name; the Cannon is the place where they know your name, your favourite tipple and your shoe size.

A favourite with the locals and The Royal Engineers, the Cannon has a real atmosphere of camaraderie. They protect their own, they welcome new visitors into the fold and they relish any chance to support the forces, which is how the fabled (well not quite fabled yet, give it time) Cannon Ashes came about.

Taking place on 1st September at the Great Lines heritage park from 2pm, the Cannon Ashes can only be described as an epic clash of cricket titans (mind you we didn’t ask many people to describe it and they may have been biased). Local cricket enthusiasts have been quick to sign up for the match, which is raising money for military and cancer charities, and first to put his name down was Tinder Corporation’s own John Amey.

“It’s a brilliant opportunity to raise money for a good cause and support a pub that’s played such an important part in this community for so long. Plus Paul Hayes is rubbish at cricket, so it’s going to make me look really good”

The match is open to all, so if you want to take part, make sure you arrive in time for the 2pm start. If you can’t make the match itself, then get yourself to the Cannon for 5pm for the post-match presentations, where there will be music, food and an unbeatable ambience because, as they say in the Cannon: Enter as a stranger, leave as a friend!