Homes Partnership – Tinder Corporation Ltd

Homes Partnership – Tinder Corporation Ltd

by Tinder Corp Media, 23rd August 2020

The Scoop

Surrey based Letting and Estate Agent, Homes Partnership are known for being ahead of the game when it comes to customer care; so when rumours started circulating in March of an impending Nationwide lockdown, they were quick to act to make sure that their customers and staff would be well taken care of in any situation.

Their main concern was to ensure the smooth and continual running of the business in the event of a forced office closure, and they knew that upgrading their technology would be the key to making this happen, so they called up Tinder Corp for some advice.


The Approach

Our first step was to ensure that they were getting the most of their cloud based technology by taking full advantage of Microsoft 365: a platform that has become an indispensable tool for home working over the past four months. We showed them the full breadth of the software, including tutoring them in Microsoft Teams and helping them get familiar with all the associated apps. They also use VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone lines, which allow calls to go via the main number, to the mobile phones of any and all staff.

With everything set up and all staff well versed in the appropriate protocols, Homes Partnership took the initiative to test the system a couple of weeks before the full lockdown was instated and were delighted to find that they could carry on pretty much as normal, wherever their staff was based.


The Happily Ever After

Although the housing market took a tumble during lockdown, the Lettings market was invaluable for hundreds of families throughout and so, with the help of their own Video Viewing software, Homes Partnership were able to provide an essential service throughout incredibly difficult times.

And now? Well with the market picking back up, Homes Partnership can get back to work easily and successfully, whilst still looking after any individual staff who require time at home, and maintaining that all important social distancing in the office. They’re still making the most of the tools we gave them and, most importantly, they know that they’re prepared for whatever the future may bring.