Is your IT up to scratch?

Is your IT up to scratch?

by Tinder Corp Media, 17th December 2022

It’s safe to say that businesses are becoming more and more reliant on technology. In 2022 the average spend on IT and technology equated to 6.8% of a company’s turnover, compared to approximately 4% just a few years ago.

In truth, this dependency has been increasing for decades now, but has seen a massive leap forward thanks to Covid. During lockdown most businesses were running remotely, and so the internet became their number one asset, meaning that their technology had to be capable of supporting what were essentially temporarily online businesses.

The Infosource analyst group, who publish figures on IT use in the UK, have determined that the biggest areas of investment for businesses are now automation and remote collaborative working. This of course fits in with the picture we’re seeing of a post Covid world, where remote working didn’t necessarily end after lockdown.

Companies are realising that remote working helps them to save on overheads, expand their employment parameters and be prepared in case of further disruptions to office life. An investment in IT now can future proof a business and save a significant amount of money in the long run.

The chances are that, even if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, you’ve been giving serious consideration to your remote working options and you’re right to do so. Generally speaking when new technology is developed or improved, we consider each individual business and give transparent advice on whether or not they actually need it. However, in the case of remote working and automation, we have yet to meet a business that wouldn’t benefit from updating their protocols (if they haven’t already).

Therefore our message is, unequivocally, this: if your automation and remote collaborative working processes are not up to date, then neither is your business.

It could be that you simply need better Cloud storage to keep your documents safe, or a few tweaks to your software to get things running more smoothly, but whatever the case, we can help you shore up your IT and keep your business ahead of the game.