Meet the team: Matt Newell

Meet the team: Matt Newell

by Tinder Corp Media, 2nd September 2020

In this latest, star studded (well we think he’s a star) edition of ‘Meet the Team’, we spoke to one of Tinder Corporation’s hard working data and fibre engineers: Matt Newell.

Matt had the…shall we say ‘interesting’ experience of coming to Work for Tinder Corp just before lockdown, which means that he had a slightly more hectic time of it than most! Having worked for global giant Sky for over 9 years however, Matt was more than used to high pressure situations, and settled right into the job. Not only did he have to learn the ropes of his new job, but he also had to join our other employees on their Covid-19 safety training, putting himself on the front line in our efforts to keep our customers connected through these difficult times – that’s what you might call ‘throwing someone in at the deep end’!.

If ever there was a test of a new employee’s aptitude this was it, but we think Matt passed with flying colours. However, we know that it’s not just our perspective that matters, so we asked Matt if he felt that his first few months had gone as well as we did:

“Having worked for Sky, I was more used to TV than internet based jobs, but I know that what Tinder Corp does is the future and so I knew that’s where I wanted to be. It was crazy coming into a new job and then suddenly seeing all the rules change with the onset of the pandemic, and it was hard work – especially with two young daughters suddenly off school and requiring week long entertainment! Luckily my family have been amazing with me learning a new job and working on the front line throughout all this so I had a lot of support. Equally lucky for me was to have joined a great team (although I actually haven’t met all of them yet due to social distancing measures!).

Working for a big company like Sky is great but it can be quite impersonal, which is why I’ve so enjoyed being able to build relationships with John and Paul. They’re always there with advice and feedback, which enables me to do a better job for my clients, despite being so new to the company. So far I’m loving the challenge of my new job and I really hope I can grow this role in the future, so that one day I can supervise my own team”

So there you have it – we threw a global upheaval at the guy and he still wants to work here. I guess we must be doing something right!