Meet the team: Neil Withers

Meet the team: Neil Withers

by Tinder Corp Media, 24th May 2022

This time on Meet the Team we’re talking to Neil Withers, our resident Improver.

Neil has worked with us for 9 months now, having previously been a scaffolder, and is making great progress within the company. As an Improver, Neil’s job is to innovate our processes, and to pitch in with the various teams using his site knowledge and experience.

Neil is responsible for creating Tinder’s first Fibre Installation Team, and has worked extensively with the first fix team, pulling cable and getting homes ready for connectivity.

We asked Neil what it is he likes about working for Tinder:

“The team are a great bunch: they’re extremely professional and take the job very seriously, but they still manage to have a laugh. It’s a fun environment and everyone gets on really well. They’re the sort of people that you really want to root for, so it’s a pleasure to be able to lend my own expertise to every job”

Neil’s future definitely lies within Tinder Corp, as he hopes to head up the fibre division and help it to grow from here on out.

When he’s not at work Neil loves to spend time with his gorgeous children; Alfie and Faye. He also loves playing darts and golf, going to the gym and basically being the sort of sociable and friendly guy that we love to work with!