Meet the Team Sean Marriott

Meet the Team Sean Marriott

by Tinder Corp Media, 23rd April 2021

One of our newest staff members is Sean Marriott, who came to work with us 6 months ago, at the height of the pandemic, and was therefore subjected to something of a ‘baptism of fire’ in his new job!

Sean had previously been working in cabling on the underground but when the pandemic hit, was exploring his passion for animal welfare with an internship at Port Lympne Animal Reserve. Unfortunately the internship was cancelled because of the pandemic, but CEO John Amey, who has known Sean for many years, spotted his talent as an engineer and was quick to snatch him up.

Sean was immediately enrolled on the relevant courses to bring him up to speed on the specifics on Tinder’s work and sailed through his probation period with flying colours: an even more impressive feat considering that he started work shortly before Christmas, which is one of the busiest times of year for the property developers with whom we work.

When Sean’s not working he likes to spend time with his girlfriend and dog, as well as with his family, who run the Cannon Pub in Gillingham. He’s also a keen Rugby player and is looking forward to a return to the sport when restrictions are lifted later this year.

Sean’s plans for the future are pretty exciting: he loves working at Tinder Corp and would like to progress within the company, but he also hopes to eventually open a Kennels or Animal Hydrotherapy centre. Can one person combine a career as an engineer with one as an animal carer? Well considering that Sean has been offered a Senior Engineer role after less than a year with the company, we reckon he can and probably will do both!

“I’d love to stay with Tinder, working remotely at times in order to allow me to pursue my interest in animal care, and I think that this last year has shown that remote working is not only possible, but also favourable at times. Obviously I wouldn’t come off the tools completely, but Tinder Corp is an incredibly progressive company and I have no doubt that, as long as I keep giving it my all, I can have a great future with the company without ever having to completely let go of my other passion”