Rich Industrial Estates

Rich Industrial Estates

by Tinder Corp Media, 16th April 2021

We’re comfortably into the New Year now, so we thought it would be nice to tell you about one of our newest jobs for 2021:

In February we started work on Rich Industrial Estates; a plot developed by London Square, located in Central London near Tower Bridge. This is a beautiful site on the Thames, for which Tinder Corp has been asked to manage the cabling connections.

So far we’ve completed two blocks (that’s approximately 40 plots), which is not bad going in less than a month! We’re about to start on block 3 and there are already people moving into the homes, so there’s a wonderful atmosphere on site at the moment, even with social distancing restrictions making the hustle and bustle a little less hustle-y and bustle-y!

We’re working on the Rich Industrial site with our good friends at Hyperoptic ,and have built up a great relationship with the London Square site manager, which is helping everything go extra smoothly.

This is a really exciting job for us as, although we’ve had sites up in London before, this is one of our first Central London sites. Considering the high quality of some of the other cabling firms out there, our increasing popularity in the City is true testament to the skill and dedication of our engineers and is a pretty impressive accolade for a little company from Medway!

We’ve worked hard to earn this reputation and are so pleased that that hard work is paying off – so here’s to more sites in London and beyond as Tinder Corp continues to go from strength to strength.