Staying at the forefront of health and safety

Staying at the forefront of health and safety

by Tinder Corp Media, 26th July 2021


Anyone who works in an office will know that periodic health and safety training is a must. Well, when you work in an environment like ours, it’s even more vital than ever – and a few weeks back our engineering team went on a special SSSTS (Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme) course, to make sure that they were completely up to date with everything safety-related when visiting clients.

The SSSTS course, governed by CITB, allows engineers Matt Newell and Sean Marriott to confidently act as supervisors for the TNIT (Tinder Network Infrastructure Team) across the Construction and Civil engineering industries.

The two day course was held remotely via Zoom, in line with Covid protocols, and was completed at Tinder Corp HQ.

The course comprised in-depth, site specific health and safety instruction, as well as teaching further understanding of creating risk assessments and method statements (RAMS). They were also given a refresher course in understanding relevant legislations and the appropriate governing bodies required for reporting incidents.

In order to complete the course, the attendees had to pass a written exam at the end of the two days, and were given a practical examination in which they were asked to assume the role of team supervisor, presenting a scenario and producing a full, relevant risk assessment.

Both the Tinder Corp Participants passed with 100% and were awarded the relevant online certificates, which are required on all Tinder/Hyperoptic sites across the South East when installing the fibre optic infrastructure.

This means that, as Tinder Corp continues to grow, we can confidently split into two teams, both of which will be supervised safely to ensure the job at hand gets completed to our own high standards. Safety is always our biggest priority; that of our customers, members of the public and of course, our engineers.

The participants found the course informative, interesting and effective. It really emphasised the importance of health and safety at work – especially in construction.