Tinder Corp and Cyber Security Awareness month: what you need to know

Tinder Corp and Cyber Security Awareness month: what you need to know

by Tinder Corp Media, 2nd December 2022

In 2004, the USA officially declared October to be Cyber Security Awareness month; launching a series of programs and initiatives to help businesses and individuals become more aware of potential online threats, and give them the tools they needed to defend against them.

Each year a theme is selected, and this year’s was ‘See yourself in Cyber’ – which was chosen to highlight the fact that, whilst many people assume that cyber security is all about the technology involved, it is at heart a ‘people’ problem. That is to say, it’s the people who manage content, set passwords, and arrange security systems, and so on.

The US organisers felt that this was an excellent way to get their message to kids as well as adults, as cyber bullying, grooming and other life threatening issues are now a real concern for under 18s.

The initiative has been so popular that it’s being adopted all over the world, and the UK is no exception.

Supported by City of London Police, National Police Chief’s Council National Cybercrime Programme, National Cyber Resilience Centre Group and the Cyber Resilience Centre network, this year’s Cyber Awareness Week focused on Cybercrime and impact it has on small to medium businesses, rather than its implications for individuals.  Hosted by non-profit agency, the National Cyber Resilience Centre Group (NCRCG), Cyber Security Awareness Month tackled a different topic each week and offered talks and advice on ensuring cyber resilience across the business and third sector communities, bridging the cyber skills gap and strengthening supply chains across the country, amongst other things.

Although the ins and outs of cybercrime are something that the average business owner may have little time for, the good news is that Tinder Corp works hard to stay abreast of all such developments.

We found the inaugural Cyber Security Awareness Month to be a worthwhile and fascinating endeavour, and we’ll be passing on our knowledge to our customers, to make sure that their businesses stay safe and strong, whatever happens next.