Tinder Corp provides top quality service

Tinder Corp provides top quality service

by Tinder Corp Media, 23rd December 2019

As part of our ceaseless bid to keep Tinder Corp at the very forefront of the industry, we undertake regular training, assessments and upgrades within all aspects of the business, and none has made us more proud than our newly awarded ISO9001 certification.

This internationally recognised certification for Quality Management Systems (QMS) is widely regarded as the gold standard for businesses, and involves a gruelling schedule of procedural assessments and professional audits, ensuring that only those businesses thoroughly dedicated to quality are granted accreditation.

Tinder Corp has been awarded ISO9001 approval for the Provision of Information Technology Services, which means that our systems have met the stringent standards of QMS International Ltd.


But what does all this mean for our customers?

Basically, ISO9001 certifies that Tinder Corp products and services consistently meet customer requirements and are therefore unfailingly reliable. It means that we continue to dedicate ourselves to improving efficiency so that any savings can be passed on to the customer, and that we have stable and effective relationships with our staff, customers and suppliers.

ISO9001 also means that we have thoroughly undertaken suitable risk assessments for every part of the business, that we have the credentials to deal with clients of all sizes and from all over the world and that, most importantly, our company has been verified by a globally recognised body.

Put simply: when we started Tinder Corp we wanted to be at the very top of our field, and this certification proves that we can stay there!