Tinder Corp to offer Cyber Essentials

Tinder Corp to offer Cyber Essentials

by Tinder Corp Media, 15th August 2021

We’ve always made client security a priority and our latest offering provides clients with access to the Government backed ‘Cyber Essentials’ programme, which was created to help give extra protection against cyber attack, for organisations of all sizes.

Cyber attacks come in many guises, from the common email link hacks that plague so many of us in both our personal and business inboxes, to sophisticated hacks designed to hold whole companies to ransom. The Cyber Essentials initiative offers advice to businesses that can prevent these attacks.

This is where Tinder Corp shines: our Cyber Essentials package includes hands on technical verification by one of our expert engineers. With the same simple, no nonsense approach that we take to all our services, the Cyber Essentials package will help you understand and recognise all the tricks that hackers use to gain access to your data, and will show you how to optimise your systems to prevent attacks.

With Cyber Essentials technical controls you can

  • Attract new business thanks to your improved credentials
  • Reassure current clients that you’re doing your best for their security
  • Achieve and maintain clarity with regards to your company’s cyber security level and requirements

Additionally, some government contracts now demand Cyber Essentials certification, and this looks set to become the standard for security in the coming months.

Tinder Corp is a government approved provider of Cyber Essentials certifications, so if you’d like advice on how to apply the initiative to your business, please contact us for details.