Tinder’s coming home!

Tinder’s coming home!

by Tinder Corp Media, 22nd February 2023

Long-time followers will know that we here at Tinder Corp are big sports fans, and we believe that the health benefits, and indeed the social benefits, of sport should be easily available to all.

Because of this we are proud to sponsor several sports teams, both for kids and adults, and one of our best and longest relationships is with the Cannon Football team, headed up by our old friends at the Cannon Pub in Brompton.

Tinder Corp CEO John has been a regular in the Cannon since he turned 18 (and definitely not before…), and used to play for the team. We chose to sponsor the team because we knew first-hand what an incredible bunch of people they are and how dedicated they are to the sport.

Things have been a bit up and down for the team in recent years thanks in no small part to the lockdown. Unfortunately many of the players have had to leave the team because of work and financial pressures; however, they’re finding their feet once more and have had a couple of great wins recently.

We’re happy to say that our sponsorship money goes towards not only the running of the team, but also the subsidisation of member fees, allowing more people to take part than might otherwise be able to.

Manager Gary believes that the Cannon team is much more than just a quick game of footie:

“It’s a culture: our team is about friendship, comradery, support. We get some great exercise in, but we also look after each other. At the end of the game we go back to the Cannon for some food (plus a free pint on Landlady Pauline if we win!), and a chat. It’s a really welcoming atmosphere”

The Cannon team embodies everything we love about team sports, and they’re always on the lookout for new players. If you’re 16+ and live in the Gillingham area, why not pop along to the Cannon and find out how to get involved?