Bicknor Farm and Sutton Road

Bicknor Farm and Sutton Road

by Tinder Corp Media, 15th May 2021

Today’s case study is a local one…. Well actually, it’s two local ones!

The Bicknor Farm and Sutton Road sites are situated just outside of Maidstone in Kent and, despite being run by two different developers, are literally across the road from each other!

Bicknor Farm is a Red Row project and marks our first (hopefully of many) opportunity to work with these giants of the property development industry. We were awarded the job by our colleagues at Hyperoptic and started working on Phase I of the project in March of 2021.

This first phase of the project comprises 145 plots, and Tinder Corp has been engaged to pull the cabling as well as to terminate the connections (so basically we’re putting the cables in the ground and then fixing them up and making them live). We’re honoured to have been given such a big role in the creation of this prestigious new development and are looking forward to the rest of the project.

Meanwhile across the road, we have a similar level of the responsibility at the Sutton Road site, which is being developed by Kent favourites Countryside: with whom we’ve had the pleasure of working on several occasions. This phase consists of 180 plots and is so far going extremely well.

Both sites are located close to our store room in Aylesford, which makes them very local jobs for our engineers (not as exotic as a London job but very welcome on a Friday afternoon!), and which also earns them a special place in our good old Kentish hearts!

As with most sites, the first areas to be completed here were the show homes, which are clearly living up to their reputation as both developments are proving extremely popular with buyers. We’re proud to be able to help these amazing companies and to be able to provide top notch internet access to the residents who will be able to move into their new homes in the near future, knowing that they can stay connected from the word go.