Desktops, laptops & workstations designed to propel your business

We work with industry leading manufacturers such as Fujitsu, HP and Dell to provide business grade IT hardware solutions for all types of businesses.

We leverage our partnerships to deliver best value and combine our buying power with our prolific expertise to tailor a solution that fits your needs like a glove!

Fujitsu Servers

Powerful servers & server room infrastructure

Whatever your server needs, from an entry level tower unit to a complete rack-mounted and blade based server room infrastructure, we have the hardware, software and proven expertise to design, implement & support your centralised processing powerhouse.

Secure storage, high speed networks and more

Our expertise doesn’t stop with computing devices such as servers, laptops and desktops.  We provide cutting edge secure and centralised data storage solutions – keeping your mission critical data safe and available.

If you’re looking for speed, then our core network solutions can really help unlock the potential of your business leveraging the latest switches, routers and fibre technologies as well as tried and test Cat5 and Cat6 structured cabling, all certified to ISO11801

Data Storage