Meet the Team: Amos Woro

Meet the Team: Amos Woro

by Tinder Corp Media, 30th May 2024

This time on Meet the Team, we’re talking to Amos Woro: one of our fantastic crew of fibre engineers.

Amos will soon be celebrating one whole year with Tinder Corp, in a role that sees him operating as part of our onsite teams working on jobs all around the South East. He previously worked as an engineer for a London based ISP, but when a friend recommended Tinder Corp as the next step in his career, Amos jumped at the chance to work with us.

Coming from a very large organisation to a more tight-knit team was an adjustment, but Amos is really happy to be working so closely with his colleagues, and experience the amazing camaraderie and welcoming atmosphere here at Tinder Corp.

His colleagues were quick to welcome Amos and ensure he realised that he was a valued member of the team: here at Tinder Corp every one of our staff is integral to the running of the company and we make sure that they know that from the offset.

Amos is keen to progress in his role here at Tinder Corp and hopes to be able to help with the growth and development of the company, as well as the training of future staff members.

In his free time Amos is a massive sports fan, particularly football, but he also loves music and is at his happiest attending live music events from rock to reggae and everything in between.

When asked for a quote, Amos said:


“I couldn’t be happier at Tinder and look forward to all that’s in store for the future”


Which is a pretty good result!