Managed WiFi

Tinder Managed WiFi is a complete end-to-end wireless access solution for your business. We take world class hardware and combine it with our unique management software to offer a tailor made wireless solution, be it for your staff, your visitors or as a “pay to use” offering for your clients and guests


Our clever access points send us real-time diagnostic information, allowing us to pro-actively manage your entire wireless solution and the entire solution runs on a mesh basis – so it’s self-repairing and self-optimising.

Fully customisable “Welcome” screens, voucher based access with a branded voucher sales & management portal as well as huge range of configurable options – this truly is WiFi for the 22nd century!



Tinder Wireless Access Point



Get More From Your WiFi

If you are offering WiFi access to the general public, then why not capitalise on your investment.   Our flexible solutions provide you with a solution to easily capture your guests key marketing information – such as name and email address all through a bespoke “Welcome” screen when they join your network.

Alternatively, if you are looking to monetize your WiFi access, our solutions integrate seamlessly with PayPal – providing you with a no-hassle platform to sell controlled, secure wireless internet.

Our flexible platform can be configured in so many ways we are almost certain you could do more with your WiFi!

Complete Control

The Tinder Managed WiFi client portal provides a real insight into how your WiFi network is performing, who’s on-line and what they are up to.

Easily browse through the interactive dashboard and reports, gaining a transparent insight into the current and historic load on the network – allowing you to tweak your WiFi profiles for optimum performance.