Kicking off another great year!

Kicking off another great year!

by Tinder Corp Media, 7th May 2024

Just because one year is at an end, doesn’t mean we get to rest on our laurels! We recently held our annual ‘Kick off’ meeting: an event for the whole team that helps strengthen our bond and prepare us for what’s coming next.

Highlights of this year’s meeting included the launch of our ‘Spark Awards’ in which we took the opportunity to celebrate the contributions of our colleagues, because what’s a company without a great team?

The awards were designed to align with our company’s core values, emphasising the importance of recognising individuals who embody these principles in their daily work. To ensure a fair and inclusive selection process, a voting system was implemented through Microsoft Forms. All staff members were given the opportunity to participate in the peer voting process.

Various award categories were established to cover a spectrum of strengths and contributions, allowing for a comprehensive recognition of the diverse talents within our organisation. The use of a Microsoft form for the voting process facilitated seamless participation from all staff members, fostering a sense of engagement and involvement in the recognition of their peers.

We believe that initiatives like the ‘Spark Awards’ contribute not only to acknowledging individual achievements but also to building a positive and collaborative work culture.

Paul Johnson (CEO Coach) from Vistage (CEO Coaching & Peer advisory organisation) attended as the guest speaker and presented the awards with John and Paul.

Another important point of discussion was AI technology. You may remember an article we published earlier this year about Chat GPT, and the impact AI is having on businesses around the globe: well our tech guru Michael Elms was on hand to help us understand just how far reaching and important AI is these days, and he had this to say:

“AI isn’t just about making funny pictures; it’s changing the game with regards to how we approach work. AI is poised to revolutionise our daily grind, and at TC we’re fully embracing this wave of innovation. With AI at our core, there’s plenty of exciting developments on the horizon for the next year or so. To demonstrate the capabilities of AI to the team, I used a video of Google Gemini, which can describe and identify objects that it is shown through a camera. I also created some AI generated pictures of me! And finally created a voice clone of John Amey our COO and used to it to close out my presentation. Everyone was convinced it was just a recording of John, so to get rid of any doubts it was AI and not John, I asked the AI John to say how much he loves Tottenham Hotspur, which is a feeling he definitely doesn’t share!”

Finally, Neil Withers was on hand to discuss the great success we’ve been having with our FCS (Fire Control Solutions) department, and you can read more about that in our recent article on our BM Trada certification.

All in all, a great start to what we’re sure will be another great year at Tinder Corp.