The latest technology for your business

LED lighting is gaining traction in the business and private sectors thanks to its revolutionary, power saving, superior technology. With this technology we can take the individual power transformers that power each of your LED light fittings, and replace them with one, centralised, intelligent solution.

Using data cabling rather than traditional electrical cabling, this technology turns your light panels into ‘intelligent’ network-connected devices, which can streamline your office set-up and save you money in the long term; as well as providing better working conditions for your staff.

A host of benefits for you and your employees

Our intelligent lighting systems reduce energy consumption from the minute they’re fitted, can save around 30% more energy than ‘basic’ LED lighting solutions, and are therefore considerably more efficient than traditional lighting.

The use of data cabling within the system means lower installation costs with safer, low-voltage installation and maintenance, as well as making any future building re-configurations far easier.

Our systems can also be integrated with other smart-building systems such as fire alarms, where they can be used to illuminate safe passages in the event of a fire (for example using colour coding to guide people out of a building).

Add to this the fact that LED drivers are effectively ‘flicker-free’ which means they negate the health concerns often associated with neon lighting (such as headaches and vision problems) and you’ve got a future proof lighting system that could save you thousands in both money and man hours.

The lighting of the future

With such amazing benefits, it’s no wonder that our centralised LED drivers already light up world class venues such as the Eiffel Tower, Court No 1 at Wimbledon and the Guggenheim Museum.

The flicker free technology makes them eminently suited to specialist environments, including healthcare facilities, and film and TV production sites.

The possibilities for integration into smart building technologies are endless, so make sure you give Tinder a call on 0845 200 4085 to discuss the benefits for your company