Meet the Team: Annie Boorman

Meet the Team: Annie Boorman

by Tinder Corp Media, 10th June 2024

Meet the Team

On today’s meet the team, we’re talking to Annie Boorman: our Managed Services Operations Administrator.

Annie has worked for Tinder Corp for just over a year, and was previously a receptionist and administrator at a GP surgery, so she knows just how important it is to be organised!

At Tinder Corp, Annie’s job is to look after our clients and staff, by managing customer contracts and renewal dates, as well as the engineer’s workload. She also monitors the engineer’s whereabouts, is in charge of stock management and has a focus on new business generation. It’s a far reaching and very important role, which Annie has taken to with enthusiasm and dedication.

Annie told us that she enjoys the friendly environment here in the office and would really like to progress her role here within Tinder Corp. She says she loves feeling valued and being part of a team and we must say she’s right to feel that way because we couldn’t do without her!

In her spare Annie is an avid LARPer and a big fan of D&D, and if you’ve never heard of those things then come and find Annie because she’ll be happy to introduce you to the wonderful world of RPGs!