Clockfield, Turner’s Hill: overcoming challenges for our clients

Clockfield, Turner’s Hill: overcoming challenges for our clients

by Tinder Corp Media, 18th March 2021

One of our most satisfying projects from the last few years is the Clockfield project at Turner’s Hill near Crawley. The site, presided over by building company Shanley Homes, is a small, upscale project comprising 39 homes and one block of flats, which we were asked to work on in conjunction with our good friends at Hyperoptic.

Engineers were initially sent to site in December 2018 and the first plots were completed in January 2019, which was when we began installing the state of the art fibre optic cabling that would bring super-fast wifi to the entire estate.

Our involvement was scheduled to end in April 2020 but, like so many things in 2020, it was interrupted by lockdown! The dates were immediately pushed back in the interest of public safety but a small team of our own engineers (including boss-man John and our newest team member Matt Newell) underwent special Covid-19 safety training in order to keep working on the site through lockdown, so that any delays would be minimal.

Because of their dedication, the project was finished in line with the revised deadlines and the new residents of Clockfield have wifi at their fingertips – a connection that has provided a life line to so many people during the pandemic.

So yes, this project had its problems – problems that we could neither foresee nor control, but thanks to our great team and the wonderful folks at Hyperoptic and Shanley Homes, we were able to find solutions and keep people connected. That’s why Clockfield, although not the biggest project we’ve ever undertaken, is most certainly one of the most satisfying.