Happy Christmas to our favourite Angels!

Happy Christmas to our favourite Angels!

by Tinder Corp Media, 18th December 2019

Last year we decided to forego giving gifts to our customers, and instead used that money to give a donation to one of our favourite charities: the Medway Street Angels. Well a lot has changed in a year: for a start, the charity has now shortened its official name to MSA! But one thing that hasn’t changed is our determination to make a difference wherever we can and so we’re making our Angelic Christmas donation a tradition (is twice a tradition or do we have to wait for next year to call it that?).

We’ve been stockpiling goods for weeks and have got boxes and boxes of food and supplies for the MSA to distribute over Christmas.

So why this charity? Well, we’ve been pretty lucky over the years – we have homes, jobs, creature comforts, but they say that every one of us is only two pay checks away from life on the street and, but for personal circumstance, we recognise that this really could happen to us.

Having been out there with the MSA, met some of the homeless community and seen the conditions (and the temperatures) in which these guys have to live, we’re absolutely in awe of their courage, determination and spirit. All they need is a helping hand to get them back on track and we’re more than willing to do our part.

MSA volunteers run several popular soup kitchens around Medway, as well as providing clothing and other necessities, helping with life skills and even providing an address, so that those living on the streets can start to make their own way to a better life, that’s why we love to work with them – they really, truly make a difference.

It’s an incredible feeling to know that you’re doing something tangible to make someone else’s life better. After all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

You can find out more about what we’ve been up to with the MSA on our Facebook page and likes and shares are always appreciated, but do you know what we’d really like for Christmas? We’d like you to get on over to the MSA’a Facebook page or website, spread the word, make a donation or volunteer your time. In fact, that’s the only thing on our Christmas list this year so go ahead – I promise we’ve been good!





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