Introducing: Windows 11

Introducing: Windows 11

by Tinder Corp Media, 31st August 2021

Tech giants Microsoft have once more decided to update and upgrade their ever popular Windows platform and, before you start moaning about annoying upgrades and ‘not changing things that aren’t broken’ hear us out; because this one looks like it’s seriously worth the (minimal) effort.

Windows 11 comes with a gorgeous new design that has more in common with a traditional MAC user interface, giving PC users the accessibility and familiarity of a PC, with the sleek, chic and all round classy look of a MAC.

Thanks to its popularity over lockdown, Teams has also been thoroughly integrated into the new Windows update, and is now built into the task bar; making internet-based calling and business meetings easier than ever.


Additionally, and taking a tip from web and mobile usability, Widgets are now an integral part of the user experience, with small widget screens collating all your daily must haves, including calendar events, weather reports, to do lists, traffic reports and more. Your PC, having been long neglected in favour of the ‘one stop shop’ that is your smart phone, is finally catching up.


Perhaps most importantly however, is the new and improved virtual desktop support. With Windows 11 you’ll be able to create virtual desktops that straddle devices and allow you to create separate ‘environments’ for different purposes (for example a ‘customer facing’ environment, with shortcuts to apps such as Word and Power Point, and a ‘business’ environment, with Teams, Excel and Outlook).

The apps will include Android apps, which will be available through the Amazon Appstore, and which will allow you to use any app found on the Appstore, natively on Windows 11. This has the potential to provide huge savings on time and money for business and personal use.

All in all, the latest Windows upgrade looks very promising and, with a release date predicted for this October/November, now is the time to start considering your next update.