Leading Tinder to new heights

Leading Tinder to new heights

by Tinder Corp Media, 21st June 2023

Good leadership is vital to the success of any business, and when a business grows it stands to reason that you would need more leaders!

At Tinder we’ve been steadily expanding since our inception 10 years ago, but that steadiness may well be a thing of the past as we reach what we refer to as our ‘tipping point’.

As the business experiences exponential growth, we’ve implemented a new mind set within the company that we call ‘We Are 100’

The ‘We Are 100’ initiative is about preparing our employees and customers for Tinder becoming a 100 employee business (for starters!) and the changes that this new scope will necessitate.

One of the most important components for our growth has been installing a dependable and forward thinking Leadership Team, to help the company strategise and prepare for the future.

Our Leadership Team currently consists of:

Rob Marchant

Shelley Bennett

Michael Elms

Sean Marriott

Neil Withers

So far this amazing team have been making great strides towards upping Tinder’s collective game and future proofing our current business model, under the careful tutorage of CEOs John and Paul. However, recent changes to the business have seen even more amazing developments for these superstars as Neil has undergone intensive training for his upcoming role as Headof our new Fire Stoppage division. When this launches, Sean will take on the Fibre and First Fix divisions in addition to NIT (Network Infrastructure Team), to create an engineering super team!

As you can see, things are pretty busy here at Tinder at the moment and we’re absolutely loving it.