Meet the Team: Alan Palmer

Meet the Team: Alan Palmer

by Tinder Corp Media, 18th October 2023

Today’s subject for our meet the team article is Helpdesk Technician Alan Palmer.

Alan worked as a Track Marshal at Buckmore Park Racing Track in Kent for three years before joining Tinder Corp. Thanks to previous IT work he was already familiar with the ins and outs of helping clients with their computers.

He’s now been with us for 8 months and is the first point of contact for customers experiencing IT issues. He’s always ready to lend a hand to colleagues and clients and is one of the engineers in charge of ensuring that every piece of new hardware that goes out is set up and ready for the client to use.

Alan has been really enjoying his time here at Tinder Corp and echoes the sentiments of so many of our employees, saying that being part of the Tinder Team is like being part of a family: fun, welcoming, and always supportive.

Prior to coming to Tinder Corp, Alan had taken a short break from work for personal reasons and, as tends to happen in a fast paced industry, had missed out on a few of the latest developments in the field. However, thanks to his colleagues (in particular Charlie, Michael and Darren) he was soon able to catch up and has been developing his skills ever since, with a view to working within the company for the foreseeable future.

When he’s not working on computers, Alan can be found spending quality time with his family, sim racing and supporting his hero Lewis Hamilton. He loves cars, being an avid follower of motorsports and tinkering with his own cars when needed.