Meet the Team: Ellie South

Meet the Team: Ellie South

by Tinder Corp Media, 28th December 2019

They say that behind every great man is a great woman: well at Tinder we’ve got a couple of pretty great men in CEOs Paul and John, so the woman behind them has to be something seriously amazing!

Luckily we have Ellie South, Personal Assistant to the CEOs and all round office superstar. Ellie joined Tinder two years ago and has since become an integral part of the team. Not only does she carry out her job description to the letter, but she also pitches in on projects, helps around the office and basically goes above and beyond for the company.

Ellie is an organisational wizard and knows exactly what to do to make sure John and Paul have everything they need to run the business smoothly and successfully.

Having studied Natural Sciences at Durham University, Ellie moved to London to work as a Contracts Administrator and then Deputy Practice Manager for a large NHS dental practice. She then moved back to Kent with her husband, where she took on the role of PA to the Senior Leadership Team at a large Primary School – a role at which she excelled because of her top notch organisational skills.

Whilst looking for a job a little closer to home, Ellie happened upon an ad for a job vacancy at Tinder and the rest, as they say, is history.

Ellie says that she loves working at Tinder because “the work is varied and plays to my strengths, the team are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and their ethos aligns with mine. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for me here”.

Paul and John are more than happy that Ellie sees a future at the company, with Paul noting:

“John and I are so focused on client meetings, project management, business growth and the 1001 other things we do on a day to day basis, that there is a real risk it could become an unmanageable task. Ellie keeps us organised and fully informed; we couldn’t do what we do without her. Having Ellie on board allows us both to meet our day to day commitments whilst keeping our eyes firmly on the horizon.”

“Agreed” says John” we would be lost without Ellie and, luckily for us, she’s as dedicated to helping Tinder Corp to grow as we are!”