Meet the Team: James Amey-Drew

Meet the Team: James Amey-Drew

by Tinder Corp Media, 10th July 2023

In today’s meet the team we’re talking to James Amey-Drew, one of Tinder’s talented Fibre Engineers

Up until two years ago James worked in warehouse distribution for companies such as Royal Mail and Amazon. However, with a zero hours contract and a certainty that he was capable of excelling in another field, James decided to take the plunge and change careers.

Starting out in sales, James showed a natural aptitude for IT and quickly progressed to the NIT, where he gained the necessary qualifications to make him a fully-fledged Fibre Engineer.

His main job is ‘splicing’ – making links live so that Tinder’s partners can bring the internet to their sites. Within his job James has travelled all over Kent, London Essex and Sussex, and he’s loving every minute of it:

“Although I mostly enjoyed my previous work, I just knew there was something missing and I felt I wasn’t being challenged enough. Plus, working for such big corporations can be a little bit lonely as there’s no real sense of teamwork. Here at Tinder people really stick up for each other – you just know that your team has got your back and it’s a great feeling”

James’ plan is to work for Tinder long term, but he doesn’t have a specific career line in mind as he loves every aspect of the job. When he’s not at work James is gaming on his PS5, or supporting his favourite team, Arsenal… I’ll let you make up your own minds as to whether that’s good or bad!