Meet the Team: Janice Caccavone

Meet the Team: Janice Caccavone

by Tinder Corp Media, 2nd August 2023

This time on meet the team, we’re talking to Project’s Administrator Janice, a relative newbie to Tinder Corp, who’s just completed her first year with the company.

Janice has worked in Administration for various companies for over 20 years. Unfortunately, like so many others, her last job ended in redundancy due to Covid. Luckily for her, Tinder Corp had gone from strength to strength during lockdown, thanks to the valuable nature of our service and our strict adherence to pandemic protocols, so we were keen to take on new staff.

Having originally started through an agency on a 12 week contract, Janice quickly proved herself indispensable and was hired full time; a move that she was happy to make:

“Although I was happy in my old job, my current role at Tinder is perfect so I have no regrets in coming here, and in fact my previous redundancy may have been a blessing in disguise! I work with a brilliant team and we all undertake the tasks together to provide the best quality in our work, and there’s always something to learn as we progress. Amongst the hard work there is still time to enjoy a laugh with the varied characters within Tinder Corp.

From the very start I felt happy that I was chosen for this role and I hope to continue to work here and progress within the company”

Janice’ current role involves, amongst other things, scheduling day to day appointments for our field engineers and then collating all the information recorded by each engineer the following day. She then ensures that the appropriate members of our long term partners HyperOptic receive updates for their individual sites, and plans any returns required. Janice does a sterling job here and is more than happy to expand her role as the company progresses.

She describes herself as “a slightly more mature employee”, and is married with 2 daughters and one grandson, with whom she spends her time outside work whenever possible.

She enjoys relaxing on holidays and visiting different parts of the English Countryside. She also loves cooking (although her culinary experiments aren’t always to her husband’s tastes!), and gardening, which she finds very therapeutic.