Meet the Team: Matt Rixson

Meet the Team: Matt Rixson

by Tinder Corp Media, 4th September 2023

Today we’re talking to Matt Rixson, Tinder Corp’s Splicer Supervisor, and clearly the winner of Tinder’s ‘coolest job title’ competition…

Matt started working at Tinder Corp a mere 10 months ago, but is already enjoying his first promotion to Splicer Supervisor. His main priority, as his title suggests, is splicing at new sites.

Fibre optic splicing is a process used to join two or more optical fibres together. It’s crucial for creating continuous and high-quality connections in fibre optic communication networks and is an essential technique in the maintenance and installation of fibre optic networks, ensuring that data can be transmitted reliably over long distances with minimal signal degradation, and making Matt a key member of the team.

Over the years Matt has held a variety of IT roles, but was made redundant during Covid, and decided to retrain as a fibre splicer. After working in London for a year, he made the move to Tinder Corp, where he hopes to eventually work in fibre planning as he has a real aptitude for problem solving.

Matt much prefers the work life balance afforded by Tinder Corp to working in the city and, as he is currently awaiting the arrival of his first child, a company that feels like a family is an excellent place to be!

When he’s not working and reading baby books, Matt is a keen student of karate, and has earned his 3rd Dan Black belt. He has trained and competed all over the world, including Europe, Canada and Mumbai; so I’d better hope he likes this article, or I’m in trouble!