Meet the Team: Simon Hayes

Meet the Team: Simon Hayes

by Tinder Corp Media, 1st May 2023

In today’s ‘meet the team’ we’re talking with Simon Hayes, Tinder Corp’s Projects’ Administrator and resident cake baker!

Simon has worked for Tinder for almost exactly one year, after coming to us from a sterling 24 year career in Sainsbury. Having been made redundant due to Covid 19 cutbacks, Simon asked his younger brother, our CEO Paul, for advice on what to do next.

With Simon’s aptitude for picking up new skills and the reliability that comes with 2 decades in the same company, Paul and John were happy to offer him a position in Tinder to see if he could adapt to life in the IT industry.

Simon took to the job like a duck to water and now covers all manner of admin tasks, from sending and receiving emails, and making and answering phone calls, to saving the engineers’ photos of their day’s work onto Sharepoint via WhatsApp. At the end of each day he is responsible for adding the following day’s new calls onto Tinder’s Centric system, so that our engineers know what they need to do and where they need to be each day, as well as a million and one other things that help keep the company ticking over!

Luckily for us, Simon now realises that losing his previous job was a blessing in disguise:


“I like working for Tinder because the job is varied and each day can be very different. My colleagues are all very close and very helpful, we are just like a great big family – I don’t even mind the fact that it takes on average 75 to 90 minutes to travel each way, rather than the 10 or 15 minutes that it used to take for me to get to Sainsbury’s – it is worth the extra journey time to work for such a lovely company!”


When he’s not in the office, Simon loves chatting to the many friends that he has made during his extensive travels cross the globe; as well as adding stamps to his passport with further journeys. He loves animals and currently has two cats called Loki and Shadow, a tropical fish tank, and even a Praying Mantis!

He also loves to draw, watch horror movies *gulp*, write stories and bake delicious cakes that he brings to the office for taste testing.

All in all, Simon is a great person to have around the office (not just because of the cakes…) and we really hope that, despite his many talents, he’ll be staying at Tinder Corp for a good long while.