Meet the team: Sonal Mittoo

Meet the team: Sonal Mittoo

by Tinder Corp Media, 10th May 2022

This time on Meet the Team: Administrative Assistant Sonal Mittoo tells us how her own desire to learn led her away from teaching and into IT.

Sonal worked as a Teaching Assistant at a secondary school for several years, partly because of her love of learning, and partly because it gave her more time to be with her young son. However, as her son got a little older, Sonal realised she was up for a new challenge and applied to work for Tinder Corp. Thanks to her enthusiasm and personable manner, as well as her skill set, Sonal was quickly welcomed onto the Tinder Corp team, where she provides a range of administrative and governance duties, designed to help the CEO’s run their business safely, efficiently and to a high standard.

She specialises in delivering, coordinating, and further developing the governance function of the business, (including maintaining ISO 9001 accreditation, health and safety, fire safety, insurance, policies and procedures, document review and control and much more!)

When asked if she felt she’d made the right choice in coming to Tinder Corp, Sonal was quick to respond:

“I definitely made the right choice. I like the friendly environment and how everyone is so supportive, flexible, caring and trusting. The Directors are open to new ideas and are very supportive of employees developing in their roles and progressing further. It’s this forward thinking attitude that makes me think that I’d like to stay with Tinder Corp long term and keep learning and developing my role so that I can take on other duties and responsibilities within the company”

As well as her other talents, Sonal speaks 3 languages (Punjabi, Hindi and English) and spends her spare time instructing and performing as Bhangra dancer, with a dynamic social media presence – talk about an all-rounder!