News Flash: Tinder Corp still Awesome!

News Flash: Tinder Corp still Awesome!

by Tinder Corp Media, 23rd November 2020

Ok so that’s a bit big headed of us, but when you’re this proud you just have to shout about it!

You may remember about a year ago we published details of our newly awarded ISO9001 certification, an accreditation that assures customers that Tinder Corp products and services consistently meet customer requirements and are therefore unfailingly reliable.

We had to undertake suitable risk assessments for every part of our business and undergo numerous procedural assessments and professional audits in order to be awarded ISO9001 approval for the Provision of Information Technology Services, from globally recognised governing body QMS International Ltd.

Put simply, we achieved the ‘gold standard’ for businesses in our field: a gold standard that needs to be renewed annually.

Well, last month we were re-awarded our ISO9001, with the assessors citing 0 major issues, 0 minor issues and an impressive 22 noted positive points (those are all the extra bits and bobs that we didn’t ‘have’ to do, but chose to do anyway).

That’s a bit like passing your driving test with a totally clean sheet, then having the examiner list off an extra 22 things that made your driving even more amazing!

So yeah, we’re pretty proud of ourselves right now, and that means we can continue to offer our services to customers with complete confidence, knowing that we’re doing our absolute utmost to bring them world beating IT and technology.