Tinder’s Board of Directors

Tinder’s Board of Directors

by Tinder Corp Media, 28th September 2018

When Tinder Corporation was launched in 2010, CEOs John Amey and Paul Hayes had big plans, but even they have been astounded by how fast and how well the business has grown.

Thanks to their dedication and determination, Tinder is now of the requisite size to necessitate the instigation of a Board of Directors, to help ensure the longevity and continued progression of the business.

The Directors, all accomplished businessmen in their own rights, complement one another succinctly, thanks to their diverse skills and backgrounds:


CHAIRMAN Terry Roffey

Terry Roffey - Tinder Corporation Ltd

Terry has been the managing Director of Brook Security Limited for 20 years and brings with him a wealth of experience in the business sector, as well exceptional inter-personal skills. With a generous nature and level head, Terry is the perfect person to head up Tinder’s Board.


CHIEF EXECUTIVES and CO FOUNDERS  Paul Hayes and John Amey

Paul Hayes - Tinder Corporation LtdJohn Amey - Tinder Corporation Ltd

Paul and John both have vast experience in the IT sector, but are poles apart in terms of their approach to business, making them the perfect pairing to take Tinder to new heights. Their passion for the company and commitment to customer service sets them apart from the many ‘flash in the pan’ IT companies that plague the industry, and guarantee a long and successful future for both them and their clients.



Tim Lister - Tinder Corporation Ltd

Tim is the owner of Stephen Hill Mid Kent, having purchased the accountancy firm 16 years ago. He now runs offices in Maidstone, New Romney and Dymchurch, all of which offer outstanding accountancy services to SMEs in the South East. As an accountant, Tim is the consummate ‘detail man’ and brings his expertise and discerning eye to his role on the Board.



Michael Turner - Tinder Corporation Ltd

Michael is a co-owner at Coastal Data Systems in Ramsgate, where he has aided in the acquisition of substantial large scale business accounts that have helped the company to grow significantly. When it comes to his role at Tinder, Michael brings the same expertise and panache, which make him ideally placed to guide the company through projects of a similarly hefty scale, giving Tinder the scope to work anywhere in the world, with any company that values high quality technology services.