Onwards and Upwards!

Onwards and Upwards!

by Tinder Corp Media, 10th April 2023

When they established Tinder Corp in 2010, CEOs John and Paul knew they had a winning idea, but just how far the company would go was something even they couldn’t have predicted.

In the past year Tinder has gone from strength to strength, expanding in terms of staff size, services offered and areas covered.

With top notch NITs (Network Infrastructure Teams) one of the country’s finest MSO (Managed Services Operation) offerings, a fleet of vehicles and an ever growing team of industry experts, it’s no wonder Tinder Corp’s reputation is spreading.

We now have the honour of covering, not just Kent, but also London and the Home Counties, including IT hubs such as Guildford, Reading and Oxford.

So what’s our secret?

CEO John believes it’s a combination of factors:

“When we started Tinder Corp we were able to plug into an industry that was growing faster than ever. In recent years, although lockdown was a very difficult time for all of us, it did highlight the growing need for remote working; and again we were able to step in when people needed help adjusting their business models. We’ve made some amazing partnerships with companies whose work runs in conjunction with our own and together we’ve grown our collective reputation throughout the South of England.

I’m really proud of what Paul and I have accomplished over the past 13 years, but most of all I’m proud of our teams. Without their dedication and professionalism Tinder Corp wouldn’t be where we are now: at the forefront of IT procurement and getting bigger and better all the time”