Projects Won: Buckthorn Grange

Projects Won: Buckthorn Grange

by Tinder Corp Media, 7th September 2021

Although Tinder Corp is Kent based, and much of our work is still within the county, we have found ourselves expanding geographically as our reputation expands. We are of course a mainstay in London, and have projects on the go further into the South East. Buckthorn Grange in Ewell, Surrey, is one of our current faves, and was won due to our previous work with site developer Bellway Homes, as well as our partners at Hyperoptic.

It’s a beautifully situated development comprising 161 plots (60 flats and 101 houses) with a clean, modern aesthetic.

As with all our projects, we work on a phased timetable dictated by the construction. The developer completes a batch of properties, which are then made ready for purchase. Before the keys are handed over to the new owners, our engineers attend and install the cabling, ready for the gigabyte service to be connected. As we’re some of the last people in, it’s our job to make sure that everything we do is kept neat and tidy for the lucky residents. Then, while we’re doing our bit, the developer moves on to the next batch of properties.

Generally speaking, on a single dwelling unit site, 3.5 houses are built per month and so we estimate that the whole site will take roughly 2 years. Meanwhile we’re working across another 60 plus sites, so there’s plenty to keep the team busy!