Snakes in a box!

Snakes in a box!

by Tinder Corp Media, 12th September 2023

Yeah ok, so it’s not as catchy a title as Snakes on a Plane, but it does have the benefit of being entirely true!

At the end of July, NIT Supervisor Sean Marriott was working at Hassocks Golf Course in Sussex when he found two rather contented, and fairly sizable grass snakes in a fibre optic cabinet.

Although the discovery came as a bit of a shock, it was obvious that the snakes had crawled in looking for somewhere warm and dry and, were soon on the move again when their peaceful hideout was flooded with sunshine.

Sean was careful to give the little critters plenty of space and they departed of their own accord so no further action was needed, but we have reported the situation to our friends at Hyperoptic, who installed the cabinet, and have recommended that they use a non-permanent foam or rubber seal in the cabinets in order to safeguard local wildlife and prevent reptile induced service disruptions!

All in all we’re pretty lucky that Sean didn’t have a snake phobia, as he was able to deal with the situation calmly and professionally.