The ‘Key’ to success

The ‘Key’ to success

by Tinder Corp Media, 8th July 2020


When you consider key workers you undoubtedly think of the amazing men and women of the NHS, without whom our country and its people would not have survived the last 6 months. However, throughout the pandemic there have been myriad key workers beavering away in other sectors, from the hospitality industry to – would you believe it – the IT industry! While we haven’t been on the front line, we have been working hard to keep life as ‘normal’ as possible and here at Tinder Corp we’re incredibly proud of our engineers, who have learned and implemented COVID-safe practices to help keep homes and businesses stay connected.

Whilst many IT companies have had to cease all external support work (both internet and IT support), we decided early on that it was in the best interests of our customers to keep working wherever we could. Our first priority was to support our staff throughout the crisis and they were offered the option of home working immediately – being able to self-isolate completely where appropriate, but our fantastic engineering team chose to keep working by learning COVID-safe practices and following social distancing guidelines.

Thankfully we’ve been able to provide continued support from the start, which was vital for seeing people through that all important transition to home working.

Of course we fix problems remotely wherever possible, but every now and again we need to collect, repair and return equipment to ensure the best results. When we do this we observe strict social distancing and safety policies and have been able to keep our staff and our clients safe.

Tinder Corp has continued to work with our internet service partners to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for homes and businesses, even when this has meant having to visit customer premises. Likewise, since May we have been working with people in the construction industry to establish safe working practises that will allow us to continue providing high speed internet on new build properties.

The last few months have been frightening and uncertain but, like so many thousands of people, we have refused to let the world stop turning. Our most sincere gratitude goes to the real heroes in the NHS, the supermarkets, the military, and so many other areas, but we hope that, in our own way, we’ve helped make lockdown a little easier.