The year is 2022 and Tinder Corp are still ahead of the game!

The year is 2022 and Tinder Corp are still ahead of the game!

by Tinder Corp Media, 26th November 2022

It’s that time of year again! The time when we let you know that we have once again smashed our annual recertification for ISO 9001.

You may remember that in order to pass ISO 9001 (the gold standard for companies in our industry), we have to undertake suitable risk assessments for every part of our business, and undergo numerous procedural assessments and professional audits. Passing all these different aspects gives us the official approval for the Provision of Information Technology Services, from globally recognised governing body QMS International Ltd.

Put simply, any fool with a mobile phone and an internet connection can call themselves an IT company, but accreditations like this sort the wheat from the chaff. ISO9001 certification means that we can be trusted to help run your business. It means that Tinder Corp products and services consistently meet customer requirements and are therefore unfailingly reliable.

This year, thanks to the efforts of the whole team, but in particular star players Sonal and Paul, we once again passed with 0 major and 0 minor issues, which was even more gratifying than usual as this year’s audit was the toughest one yet!

Honestly, with the sheer amount of effort put in by our incredible teams, it would have been a real shocker if we hadn’t done well, but it’s still nice to have it confirmed!

It may sound like we’re showing off…and we are… but this is our way telling the world how proud we are of our employees – without them Tinder Corp really would just be two blokes with a mobile phone and an internet connection.