Tinder Corp: providing security digitally and physically

Tinder Corp: providing security digitally and physically

by Tinder Corp Media, 9th October 2023

As an IT company we’re well known for providing digital firewalls, but did you know that we also provide physical ones?

Our Fire Stopping Division, run by safety expert Neil Withers, offers the latest and best Fire Control Solutions designed to protect our clients and their employees.

In the aftermath of several high profile fires caused by below par safety measures, businesses are becoming more and more aware of the need for top notch fire prevention, and our clients come to us because they know that we are the best at what we do.

…And what we do is run our elite Fire Stopping services alongside our Fibre Division to offer businesses complete passive fire stopping services, including penetration and linear solutions (that is to say we don’t just look at the obvious paths a fire might take but at every way a fire can spread, such as through pipes, cables and gaps).

We complete thorough fire risk assessments and door surveys to create protocols that ensure safe evacuation in the event of a fire, and advise on products such as fire curtains, cavity barriers and more.

We regularly work with M&E, Electrical companies, building developers and HVAC clients throughout the UK and are happy to speak to businesses of all sizes and in all sectors about the best, tailor made solutions for them.

Tinder Corp is BM Trada QMark accredited and audits on our associated fibre sites have a 100% pass rate for fire control, so you know that our Fire Stopping division is up to scratch!

When asked why clients should be speaking to us about Fire Control Solutions, COO John Amey said

“Poor fire control should never be tolerated. This isn’t about budgets, or timescales, this is about people’s lives. Here at Tinder Corp we’ve always put our people first and we want to work with businesses that do likewise. We pride ourselves on our agility: most businesses make fire stopping their number one priority, but we all know that things can get complicated on site, so we ensure that we can come in and provide Fire Control Solutions at any stage of any project. In fact, we make ourselves available as soon as possible after first contact with the client: we need them to know that their Fire Safety is our priority and we’ll be on hand as soon as the need us – even at short notice. I cannot emphasise enough just how seriously we take Fire Prevention, and if you feel the same way as we do then please get in touch”