Tinder Corp: Raising standards in IT Infrastructure

Tinder Corp: Raising standards in IT Infrastructure

by Tinder Corp Media, 6th March 2023

Here at Tinder Corp we’ve always been known for the high standard of our works, but that doesn’t mean we can afford to become complacent. In the ever changing world of IT and Infrastructure there’s always room for improvement and we make sure that we keep abreast of any and all new developments and legislation to ensure that our company is in the best possible position to help yours.

Our long term partners Hyperoptic have been focussing on new builds of late and have been working with our teams to make sure that our quality systems are sufficiently robust.

Over the last month we’ve achieved a 100% pass rate in not one, but three reports on our quality of work in relation to the CP10 document from Openreach, , which covered the hardware we use and our installation techniques.

We maintain our excellent results by working in line with our ISO9001 accreditation and we consistently work to Cabling Standards ISO11801.

More than this however, we can thanks our teams for their dedication to the business:


“The leadership team that we’ve established in this area has been exemplary. They have such a thorough understanding of what’s required of them and they have organised their respective teams in such a way that we are able to move seamlessly from project to project, safe in the knowledge that Tinder Corp’s reputation, and the wellbeing of our clients, is ensured”

John Amey, Tinder Corp CEO


Tinder Corp has experienced rapid growth over the past year, and this means that it’s now more important than ever to keep on top of standards. With an additional 30,000 units in our portfolio, a pledge to further both our apprentice scheme and army covenant scheme and new clients flocking to our door, we feel justified in calling ourselves a real IT power in Southern England. It’s a big responsibility, and one that we intend to honour another day the Tinder way.