Tinder launches Business Technology Blueprint

Tinder launches Business Technology Blueprint

by Tinder Corp Media, 12th March 2021

Since we founded Tinder Corp in 2010, our ethos has been that we don’t just want people to have technology; we want them to use technology. We never wanted to be a company that sold ‘stuff’ to people for the sake of it, so we’ve always gone out of our way to ensure that every business we deal with has the right technology for them and that they can get the most from what they’ve got.

Our latest advance in pursuit of this goal is the Business Technology Blueprint: a document that encompasses all of the various technologies a business should have in place, if they want to get the most from their technology and remain at the forefront of their field.

We believe that this is particularly relevant in a ‘post-covid world’, as technology now plays a far more prominent role in all aspects of life and is pivotal in the operations of a successful business.

The idea behind this new offering is simple but elegant: we give our clients what is effectively a blueprint for success – a model that shows what a modern business looks like. The elements of the blueprint are homogenous, but the solutions behind each of the elements are tailored to the individual company. For example; every business needs collaboration tools, but what those tools may be and how complex their operations will be designed to suit client.

Not only can this help new businesses to get off to a flying start, but it can also act as a technological ‘audit’ for existing businesses. We work with each client to establish what solutions they already have in place and if/how these can be improved. We then look at their budget and determine what they do need (and, more importantly, what they don’t need).

Our aim is to get the optimum technology in place for our clients without them having to spend out unnecessarily on things they don’t want or need.

So that’s it, in a nutshell. If you like the sound of this then get in touch to find out more about how you can not only have technology, but use it too.